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Our names are Emil and Sandra and we represent Blücher Media! We are different from other SEO agencies in Denmark because our only focus is to help you through Danish search engine optimization so that you will get better results and earnings through your website.
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Organic SEO Read more Search Engine Optimization Let Blücher Media help you with the optimization of your website. We can make potential customers find you through organic search engine optimization, and we can help you with link building, content production and much more!
Learn SEO Read more Learn SEO Do you want to know more about SEO or do you want to work with SEO yourself? Blücher Media can teach you everything there is to know through E-learning, lectures or workshops. Let us know what you want!
Consulting Read more Consulting Do you want to be able to do your own search engine optimization? Then Blücher Media can help you! We can consult you and your employees, give feedback on your work and be your source to new information.
Video Production Read more Video Production Videos are great in many ways! Both Google and customers loves videos and sees it as good content. Blücher Media have its own video equipment and therefore we can help with a personal production for your firm.

Organic search engine optimization – an investment you can’t afford to miss

Are you interested in becoming more visible in the search engines? Many test results show that people don’t scroll; instead they choose the first result they see instead. This is why search engine optimization has become so important over the last couple of years.
All companies have the right to an effective marketing strategy, and it is possible for any company to reach great results in the search engines. This is why we love the internet! Lucky for you, we have the right tools to help you get to the top!


Who are we – and what do we do?

Blücher media is a Danish SEO agency that specializes in organic search engine optimization, and our goal is to help you make more money through your website.
So how do we do that? Blücher Media specializes in Danish SEO, and we know what the do’s and don’t’s are when it comes to search engines. With our knowledge, we can get better search results for your website by focusing on Danish keyword research, high-end linkbuilding and on-page SEO. We are also able to help you write high quality text in Danish and make SEO videos that will help you rank better.

Why invest in SEO?

SEO is a long-term investment you will benefit from it for many years to come. It’s important to remember that SEO requires hard work and a lot of time. It takes up a lot of your time, which is a waste of your resources. Let us do the work instead – then you’ll be able to spend your time doing what you do best.

We have a starting price of 100 €. It will be possible to get discounts up to 20 % – see the table for more information.
At this price we guarantee you high productivity and effective Danish SEO.